Alarm Monitoring

Intruder Alarms UK employs the service of Advanced Independent Monitoring(AIM) to provide a remote alarm monitoring service around the clock. This includes the monitoring of intruder alarms, personal attack and fire alarms. When an alarm is activated, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operators will immediately notify the Keyholders and emergency services in the event of a confirmed break-in or personal attack.

The AIM alarm receiving centre is recognised as one of the most advanced ARC in UK, providing you with the reassurance of monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in addition to very high levels of security. AIM, through its alarm verification technology provides vital information for the police in the event of an intrusion and helps to filter false alarms from genuine alarm activations. It is important that the number of false alarm is reduced as police attendance to the site could be affected.

In addition to alarm monitoring, AIM also provide unrivalled customer and help desk support services for home and business alarms.

Basic Comprehensive
Alarm monitoring 24/7 Yes Yes
Keyholders alert on alarm activation Yes Yes
Police response on confirmed alarm activations No Yes
24 hours help desk support Yes Yes
Unlimited remote resets No Yes
Fast engineer response No Yes
24 hours Emergency call outs Yes Yes
Routine inspections per year 1 2
12 months warranty for fitted equipments Yes Yes
Free firmware upgrades Yes Yes
Free security reviews Yes Yes


Alarms with police response

Alarm monitoring with police response

Intruder Alarms UK offers monitored alarms which can generate police response. A one-off police registration fee will apply to all new monitored intruder alarm installation.

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