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With the rising trend in home invasion and burglary over the last decade, ADT home security systems offers ultimate solutions to home safety and security. Initially, security systems used to relay information to security firms via land line but the criminals discovered that to circumvent the system, they just needed to cut the phone lines. This is one reason why many security firms including ADT went for the more secure wireless technology in their safety systems. The company has been providing all types of safety/security systems for both homes and businesses.

Some of the services that they offer include:-

Burglary or break in protection

When the ADT home security system is in place, every exit and entry point into your house are secured and always monitored. If a burglar attempts to break in, the system triggers the alarm and also calls your home. The other advantage is how it handles “false alarms”. For example, if a family member messes up with the alarm, ADT will call you first before alerting the police hence giving you an opportunity to evaluate whether the threat is real or not.

Fire Protection

ADT home security system comes with fire detection and prevention as well. The system does this by measuring the temperature in a room and if there’s a fire, it alerts the fire department. This comes in handy when there is no one at home or when everyone is sleeping.

Carbon Monoxide Protection

Another exciting feature is the ability to measure the levels of carbon monoxide in your house. Carbon monoxide is lethal and odourless gas that kills many people around the globe. Many home-owners do not install carbon monoxide sensors, but ADT addresses this huge and neglected safety issue.

These state of the art sensors also consider the body mass and size, therefore handling the issue of “false alarms” perfectly from pets like cats or dogs that might be within their range. The system also comes with a six month satisfaction guarantee that will reimburse all installation and monitoring fees if the customer is dissatisfied. An ADT certificate is also issued to proprietors that will qualify them for discount on property insurance.

ADT systems come with a range of models and specifications to choose from depending on your needs. You can have a wired or wireless home alarm. The firm has also opened up many franchises to offer customer support. They possess the capacity to check clients’ security systems with the help of their modern technologies and competent staff. A survey carried out on incarcerated burglars revealed that majority of them didn’t attempt to break in to properties that had ADT security signs displayed.

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