Intruder Alarms – Circuit-Breaking Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are becoming commonplace in businesses and homes, and their popularity is growing as more and more people realize the benefits that they offer. If you have ever shopped for a new home security system, then you are probably well aware of the fact that there are several different options available to you. There are do it yourself burglar alarm kits that you can pick up rather inexpensively and there are sophisticated systems that protect your entire house with a network of professionally installed sensors. Despite the number of different types of alarm systems available, most are built on the same basic concepts, including the circuit-breaking intruder alarm concept.

The most basic types of intruder alarms involve a simple electric circuit that has been built into one of the entry ways of your home. In any type of circuit, whether it is powering a computer or a flash light, the electricity is only going to flow when a path is given to it between two points that have opposite charges. You will open or close a part of this circuit, and this will turn the electricity either on or off. If you want to open or close the circuit in a flash light, then you will simply throw the switch. On the other hand, with an intruder alarm, the switch will detect the intrusive act, such as opening a window or a door for example. These types of alarms are typically categorized as open-circuit or closed-circuit systems.

In closed circuit intruder alarms, the electric circuit closes when the door is closed. As long as this door remains closed, electricity will flow between one end and the other. If someone opens the door, then the circuit will be opened so that electricity can no longer flow, and this will trigger the alarm. In open-circuit systems, opening the door closes the circuit rather than opening it, meaning that electricity begins to flow. When the circuit is completed, the alarm will be triggered.

There are a number of different ways that you can build this type of circuit into your entry way, such as a door or a window. Closed circuits tend to be the better choice for intruder alarms in comparison to open circuit systems because open circuits can be deactivated by intruders simply by severing the connected wires. On the other hand, if an intruder severs the connection in a closed circuit system, the alarm will sound.

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